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ST-Med Zurich-City

Lose weight with chrono nutrition

Medical practice for general internal medicine, gynecology, TCM, in Zurich-City.

Lose weight with chrono nutrition

Chrono-Nutrition Switzerland is a nutritional programme, which is geared to your personal metabolism and hence does not entail either calorie counting nor the yo-yo effect.

It combines the latest findings in the area of nutritional physiology, endocrinology, biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics.

After analyzing your individual basal metabolic rate, your (stomach) fat and muscle profile and determining any food intolerances, you will learn to eat in harmony with your inner bio-clock. The Chrono-Nutrition Switzerland is based on the scientific knowledge of chronobiology, which was awarded the renowned Nobel Prize in autumn 2017.


This program is exclusively in Switzerland by Bubanj Somborski offered.

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