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Healthy Aging

Arztpraxis für Allgemeine Innere Medizin, Gynäkologie, Orthopädie, Dermatologie, Healthy Aging und Gewichtsregulierung, in Zürich-City.

Healthy Aging

Healthy aging means aging healthy and well-being.

Whether young adults or already at retirement age: everyone can influence their aging process. Those who know their weak points – and these differ from person to person – can take (simple) measures to reduce their health risks.

In order to identify your personal “danger spots”, we carry out various laboratory and body examinations that measure your current state of health.

In the subsequent medical consultation with Bubanj Somborski will receive a personalized healthy aging consultation and can ask questions.

Set the course today to stay vital, mentally fit and mobile for as long as possible and to maintain your well-being and quality of life into old age.

ST Med offers you 3 new prevention programs to optimize your health. We are happy to help.

Program 1: Healthy aging Check BASIC

During this check-up we clarify your general health.

Duration of the BASIC program: around 3 hours in one morning. Appointments on Saturday are possible.

Program 2: Healthy aging check PLUS – with chrono nutrition

During this check-up, we clarify your general state of health and also explain which diet helps you to lose weight without counting calories and / or to stay slim. The Chrono-nutrition program Dr. med. univ. (SRB) Tatjana Bubanj Somborski based on chronobiology, which was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine 2017th There is no need to give up – it’s just about eating the right thing at the right time without starving yourself.

Duration of the PLUS program: around 3.5 hours in one morning. Appointments on Saturday are possible.

Program 3: Healthy Aging Check PREMIUM – with genetic test

This check-up gives you the opportunity to carry out a comprehensive health check using the additional Nutripass® genetic test from the Gene Predictis SA laboratory in Lausanne. This laboratory, located in the renowned ETH Innovation Park, is officially approved for medical gene tests by the Federal Office of Public Health. This genetic test offers the opportunity to find out which lifestyle and nutritional measures help you to positively influence your personal genetic factors. To reduce your risk of common diseases such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, food intolerance or certain autoimmune diseases, etc.

PREMIUM program duration: around 4.5 hours in one morning. Appointments on Saturday are possible.